Lactation Consultation


Be confident in breastfeeding your baby.

Consult with our IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant

$150 at our centre; $230 at home or hospital


Mother & Child have IBCLC certified Lactation Consultants to help you prepare for your baby’s first feed and to discuss your breastfeeding concerns & questions. Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most beautiful things you can imagine. To get a good start, this session can build your confidence and give you further knowledge about the whole process.

Suggested reasons for a breastfeeding appointment with a Lactation consultant include:

  • getting off to a good start on your first two days breastfeeding your baby

  • having a low milk supply

  • your baby has a low weight gain or is not sucking well

  • you are having a difficult breastfeeding experience

  • you are not enjoying breastfeeding due to discomfort or if something does not feel right

When should you have the session?

The best time to get off to a good start is to see a lactation consultation at the hospital or at home, one or two days after the birth of your baby. A lactation consultation is also recommended at any time if you are having any concerns or a difficult breastfeeding experience.


1 hour session at our centre or your home or hospital


  • Lactation consultation with a IBCLC certified Lactation consultant

  • Meet-up Mondays health professional supported drop-in session

Contact our office for appointment.
Once you have your appointment date, you can proceed to book and pay online.

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