Uma, it’s been +2 months that my baby girl was born and I am already back at work, full of energy and most happy enjoying every minute of my postnatal experience, and it is all thanks to you. As you know my story with my eldest boy, now 2 yrs. old, was completely the opposite. I wasn’t able to breastfeed beyond 3 weeks; I had all the difficulties possible (flat nipple, mastitis, blocked ducts, allergy to breast pump, you name it!) which mostly led me to postnatal depression and to think that I was never going to be able to breastfeed. I am just sorry that I didn’t know you before. I still remember your words when I visited you before giving birth the second time, you said “forget about anything that happened before, this is a new pregnancy, a new experience and we will take it day by day” and so we did. You helped me tackle every challenge I came across with, you gave me all the support and confidence I needed to go on. Now, I am proud to be breastfeeding exclusively and I plan to continue breastfeeding for long time. My baby is happy and growing big. I am grateful of the wonderful experience I got to enjoy, thanks to you! All my love to you.

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