Classes and ServicesMother & Child has professional Lactation Consultants on staff to help you with breastfeeding concerns and problems.


Mother & Child has professional Lactation Consultants on staff to help you with breastfeeding concerns and problems. Lactation Consultations can be arranged at Mother & Child, in the hospital, or in the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn the principles of good breastfeeding techniques. Breastfeeding is a learned skill. It should be100% pain free when done properly.
  • If you are not enjoying breastfeeding due to discomfort, if you know that it does not feel right, get the help of a Certified Lactation Consultant early.
  • Have a one-on-one session with one of our Lactation Consultants who will observe a feed and help you to latch correctly. A good latch is the basis to successful lactation.
  • Get off to a good start. Give your baby the best start in life!

Tongue Tie Support Group

The Tongue tie support group was introduced to provide affordable continuity of care to parents after a tongue tie and lip tie revision. The session is facilitated by a lactation consultant and midwife.

Mothers may continue to experience feeding difficulties and other challenges post revision. In some cases it may take weeks before your baby is feeding efficiently as they have to learn how to use their tongues differently. It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents with similar experiences.

Uma Thambidurai

This is my 15th year as a lactation consultant in Singapore. My Mission is to empower all women no matter how difficult they may perceive breastfeeding to be and enable them to have a long and positive breastfeeding experience.

Through the years I have developed an interest in teaching biological nurturing a natural breastfeeding position with huge success.

My experience extends to nursing multiples, premature babies, low supply, over supply, adoptive parents feeding, re-lactation and tandem feeding.

I also assess babies for tongue and lip ties and support you and your baby pre and post revision.

I endeavor to provide current evidence based information and strive to support you to the best of my ability.

Judith Ballueder

My name is Judith Ballueder I am a German trained midwife. I have been certified as an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). I have 13 years experience as a midwife in a hospital setting in Germany and Switzerland before I moved to Singapore. I am offering lactation consultations at The Mother and Child and will be able to visit you in the hospital and at your home. My skills are to help support you with latching difficulties, biological nurturing, low supply issues, weaning journey, breastfeeding and retuning back to work as breastfeeding twins. Another area of my expertise is to assess tongue tie babies and provide you with aftercare support. My work always includes the latest evidence based information combined with my knowledge and experience as well as the mother’s or couple’s preference.

Isabelle Faber

Hello my name is Isabelle Faber. I am a registered midwife with the Singapore Nurses Board and a researcher. I am a strong supporter of women’s interests and reproductive autonomy, main topic of my thesis. Before coming to Singapore, I worked in secondary and tertiary hospitals in Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia. I am a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), a passionate Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) and HypnoBirthing®Practitioner.

As a lactation consultant at Mother & Child I can see you prenatally at the Centre in Tanglin or after your baby is born, either at the hospital or in the comfort of your home. My aim is to support and help you during your breastfeeding journey by respecting the mother’s or couple’s preferences.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon at Mother & Child. It will be a privilege to accompany you on your parenthood path.

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Isabelle, je suis sage-femme et chercheuse. Avant de m’installer à Singapour mon travail de sage-femme m’a menée dans des hôpitaux au Luxembourg, en Belgique, en Suisse et en Australie. Les intérêts de la femme et son autonomie reproductive me tiennent énormément à coeur et tels étaient les sujets principaux de ma thèse. “Je serais ravie de vous accueillir chez Mother & Child, soit lors des cours prénataux, lors du cours de HypnoNaissance®, ou des cours de massages bébé et des consultations en allaitement.

Si vous le désirez, nous pouvons parler en Français. A bientôt! Wenn Sie es wuenschen koennen wir auch gerne Deutsch reden. Bis bald!

Ce sera un plaisir de vous aider et de vous accompagner un petit bout dans votre rôle de parent! A bientôt!

Rachel Farr

My name is Rachel Farr, I am originally from Perth, Western Australia. I am a trained Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Lactation consultant and Sleep consultant.

I will be at Well Baby clinics and available for home visits, private consults and group sessions.

I also have an interest in Introduction to Solids and Developmental Assessments. I am registered with the Singapore Nurses board. I look forward meeting you and your babies.


Dear Mother and Child

I want to write to say a huge thank you to all the support you all provide. When Maximus was 10 weeks old I was so close to giving up on the breastfeeding and felt extremely vulnerable. I met with Isa who helped diagnose he had tongue tie. Judith was instrumental in helping us sort out the issue too. Without your team we would have not continued on our breastfeeding journey. Which would have been such a sad event. I sit at 3am in the mornings and I enjoy feeding my little boy now. There are the moments where he looks up at me with milk dribbling from his mouth smiling, precious moments that I'd not have experienced without your support. My husband has been finishing off a project at work and hardly sees Maximus during the week. So the Daddy massage classes have been a fabulous time for them to bond. You all provide such a wonderful support to families. Thank you, you're amazing ladies.

Lyndsey, Steve and Maximus

In the first few weeks of our son's life, feeding was an ordeal. He was nursing for 40 minutes to an hour at a time and was still not satisfied. As a new mum, I was beside myself and really struggling. The lactation consultants at Mother and Child provided invaluable support by diagnosing a tongue tie and arranging the laser procedure for us, as well as advising us on interim feeding methods to enable us to keep on giving our son breast milk. Now he is feeding effectively and growing well and we can enjoy our time together as a family.


Dear Uma,

It’s been +2 months that my baby girl was born and I am already back at work, full of energy and most happy enjoying every minute of my post natal experience, and it is all thanks to you

As you know my story with my eldest boy, now 2 yrs. old, was completely the opposite. I wasn’t able to breast feed beyond 3 weeks; I had all the difficulties possible (flat nipple, mastitis, blocked ducts, allergy to breast pump, you name it!) which mostly led me to post natal depression and to think that I was never going to be able to breast. I am just sorry that I didn’t know you before.

I still remember your words when I visited you before giving birth the second time, you said “forget about anything that happened before, this is a new pregnancy, a new experience and we will take it day by day” and so we did. You helped me tackle every challenge I came across with, you gave me all the support and confidence I needed to go on. Now, I am proud to be breastfeeding exclusively and I plan to continue breastfeeding for long time. My baby is happy and growing big. I am only grateful of the wonderful experience I got enjoy thanks to you!

All my love to you!

Dear Uma and Team,

My exclusively breastfed 22 week old son is healthy, happy, and at the 90th percentile in weight and it's all because of you. I cannot thank you enough for all your support, guidance, and patience. I don't know what I would have done without you!

I remember the first night in the hospital trying to breastfeed my son after he was born. I didn't know how to position him. He wasn't latching. I had no milk. I felt as if I was already failing him as a mother and he was going to starve. I wanted to breastfeed him and didn't want the hospital staff giving him formula. I needed help. My son needed help. I called Mother & Child in the morning and Uma came to the hospital later that day. She showed me how to hold him to nurse and was able to get him to latch. She reassured me that although my milk hadn't come in yet, there was enough colostrum for him as he only required a very small amount the first few days anyway. She gave me confidence and when she left I thought that I'd be able to feed him later that evening. The evening came, and it was a repeat of the prior latching. I tried desperately to recreate everything that we did when Uma was helping but it wasn't working. I was distraught.

The next morning I called Mother & Child again. I was being discharged that day and needed more breastfeeding support. Thankfully Mhairi was able to come to my home that afternoon. She helped show me how to nurse lying down, and how to pump and feed him with a syringe in case later that evening we were having more latch issues. Once again, I felt more confident when she left. And once again, that evening was a struggle. My husband and I ended up feeding our son via a syringe with the small amount of milk I was able to express as my milk still hadn't really come in.

The next few weeks involved lots of home visits from Mhairi as well as me spending a lot of time at Mother & Child. Anxiety surrounded every feed - Would he latch? Would he get enough milk? I thought, 'for something that is supposed to be so natural why isn't this working?!' Although my milk finally came in, my son was still having latch issues. We used nipple shields until he was 8 weeks old.

Breastfeeding is something that both my son and I had to learn. It was difficult and took a lot of perseverance. There were many days I wanted to quit but told myself to take it one feed at a time.

I wish I could tell every mother that is beginning breastfeeding to be patient, relax, and give it just one more day.

We have just begun introducing solids. While it is new and exciting, ironically sometimes I wish I could instead just exclusively breastfeed my son until he's five years old. Why?...because it's so easy and convenient.

Thank you!
Meredith and Alex

Dear Uma,

I wanted to thank you for the help you provided with breastfeeding my son. He was born at a healthy weight of 4 kgs but lost a lot of weight in the days after he was born, and he wasn't putting it back on quickly enough. My paediatrician was very worried but the only advice I received was to stop breastfeeding and express for 2 weeks to give my (very) damaged nipples a rest. This was not what I wanted to do, and after I saw you for a lactation consultation - I didn't have to! You gave me options about positions, latching techniques, syringe feeding and expressing that gave me the confidence to carry on breast feeding. This support and information also helped me to get the right creams to heal the granulomas and cracks on my nipples.

Over the following weeks, my son reached his birthweight and has continued to grow (he is now over 7 kgs at 13 weeks) to the point where I looked at him recently and thought 'I can't believe we were worried about you putting on weight!'

If I meet a mother who mentions that they are having issues breast feeding, I immediately recommend that they contact you and the team at Mother & Child as soon as possible.

Many thanks for all your support.

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