Pre-Lactation Consultation


Be confident for your baby’s first feed.

Consult with our IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant

1 hour session

$130 per couple


Receive a 10% discount if you have completed our Childbirth Preparation or Hypnobirthing courses

Mother & Child have IBCLC certified Lactation Consultants to help you prepare for your baby’s first feed and to discuss your breastfeeding concerns & questions. Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most beautiful things you can imagine. To get a good start, this session can build your confidence and give you further knowledge about the whole process.

Suggested reasons for a pre-lactation appointment include:

  • a previous difficult breastfeeding experience

  • breast surgery (enhancement or reduction)

  • multiple pregnancies

  • medical conditions

  • gestational diabetes

  • breast anomalies

When should you have the session?

Expectant couples can attend at any time during the pregnancy but the middle of the third trimester is most appropriate (34 to 36 weeks).


1 hour consultation at our centre


  • Pre-Lactation consultation with a IBCLC certified Lactation consultant

  • Meet-up Mondays health professional supported drop-in session

Contact our office for an appointment.

Once you have your appointment date, you can proceed to book and pay online.

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