Postnatal Pilates


One hour group session

Trial class $35

4 class package $130 (save $10)

8 class package $240 (save $40)

16 class package $385 (save $175)

We offer Postnatal Pilates, 6 weeks after a natural delivery, or 12 weeks after a caesarean section. We advise you to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. We offer attractive packages which you can purchase online or at our office when you attend the class.



1 hour group session

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As we keep the class sizes small for your comfort, we ask clients to register for your next exercise class. You can do this online or call our office.


The benefits of pilates

Post-Natal Pilates aligns the skeletal and muscular imbalances to bring the body to pre-pregnancy health. Benefits include: 

  • Better breathing pattern; gains a sense of rhythm and timing, reduce discomfort

  • Helps improve the abdominal muscles affected by Diastasis Recti

  • Improves mental concentration and the general mood of the body

  • Enhancing core strength in the abdomen, back and shoulder area

  • Improves spinal and pelvic stability

  • Strengthening muscles that will aid in carrying, feeding etc.

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor to prevent incontinence

  • Whole Body Conditioning exercise movements

  • Obtaining proper posture and structural alignment

  • Stretches tight muscles to reduce discomfort

  • Promotes flexibility

  • Increases body awareness

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