Mum & Baby Massage course


Have fun & learn from our certified instructor, the techniques to soothe your baby with your loving touch


$150 for 3 one-hour GROUP classes


Infant massage at Mother and Child is tailored especially for babies from 1 to 12 months old. Infant massage stimulates healthy growth stages and brain development while also promoting regular sleep patterns and providing a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby.

When should you have the session?

At any time when your baby is between 1 to 12 months old


The programme consists of a 1 hour class each week for 3 weeks


  • Infant massage classes facilitated by a fully qualified and experienced infant massage instructor.

  • Baby massage oil is provided and you will receive an infant massage booklet

Why infant massage at Mother and child for you and your baby?

Bonding - Promotes the parent/child bond, secure attachments and strong, healthy relationships to last a lifetime.

Relief - Soothes gastrointestinal pain/discomfort, colic, restless and sleepless days and nights. Promotes regular sleep/wake cycles.

Sociability - Decreasing stress and anxiety in social and public situations.

Growth & Development - Studies report that regular massage stimulates early and healthy growth stages & brain development.

Reduces stress - Promotes the release of anti-stress hormones that are beneficial for both parent and baby.

Circulation & Healing – Increasing the flow and efficiency of the body systems stimulating support of the body's own natural resources.

Communication - Learn your infant's non-verbal language. Communicate your love through nurturing and compassionate touch.

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