First Aid for Couples course


ASHI certified instructors

3 hour class on the essentials of CPR, First Aid & Emergency procedures.

$250 per couple

Receive a 10% discount if you have completed our Childbirth Preparation Course


This first aid course focuses on the essentials of CPR, First Aid and Emergency Procedures. It is designed for Parents with babies & young children and Expectant couples in their third trimester.

This popular course is informative and pertinent so that you can remember what to do when you need it. We truly hope that you never have to use the information that you learn but believe strongly that every person should try to acquire these life saving skills.


Recommended Start date

Parents with babies and young children can join at any time. Expectant couples should join in your third trimester.


3 hours in one session


  • Hands-on and interactive First aid class facilitated by an experienced ASHI certified instructor

  • First Aid Fast reference book

  • 10% discount on the First aid for Helpers course

  • 20% discount on your subsequent First Aid for couples course as we encourage trainees to keep their knowledge current and refreshed - Contact our office for a discount code


Course content

The First Aid for Couples course is separated into two parts.

The first part is related to first aid. We will provide knowledge which will help you confidently deal with those accidents which can occur with babies and small children. 

  • How and when to call an ambulance, our recommended items  to have in a first aid kit as well as some of the common  health hazards found in the home.

  • You will be able to recognise and provide initial first aid for poisonings, burns, head injuries (concussion), bleeding, fractures (broken bones), allergic reactions, drownings, skin infections and heat related problems.

The second part relates to teaching effective CPR and AED (artificial external defibrillator). Each participant will be practicing this skill on both a child mannequin and a baby mannequin.

Using the same mannequins we will also be learning how to effectively assist a baby and child who is choking. 

We encourage open discussion and questions. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing as we will be doing some practise on the floor. There will be a short 10 minute break between the two sessions.


Does Mother and Child offer First Aid training to employees of businesses or organisations?

Yes, we offer customised First Aid training for employees and clients of corporate, business, public sector and social service organisations. Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a quotation.

Does Mother and Child offer First Aid training for my Helper?

Yes, we offer a First aid Helpers course. The course is specially designed to prepare your helper looking after babies or young children in case of an emergency requiring immediate first aid.

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