Active Birth Class


Preparing your body for birth with positions and relaxation techniques

2 hour session



(Complimentary if you have attended our Childbirth Preparation and Private Childbirth Preparation course*. Contact our office to book your class date)

Active Birth class is an additional class that is offered at Mother and Child. This session helps women prepare themselves and their body for labour during pregnancy. There is emphasis on breathing techniques and positioning of the baby which can be used as you progress from early labour through 1st and 2nd stages.

Active Birth is a proactive preparation which enables women to feel confident in their body’s natural ability to birth a baby.

Course date

* This course is held once a month.

Recommended Start date

Soon after you discover that you are pregnant


2 hour session


  • Active birth class facilitated by an experienced Midwife

  • Meet-up Mondays health professional supported drop-in session

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